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Plenty of sky and green. That has been our thinking from ground up. We have designed a completely transparent space envelope to create an exquisite environment. All the way on the entire façade - a green glass crystal shall hover magnificently over the landscaped plaza.

World leader in glass technology, Saint Gobain has supplied the best reflective glass. Light-green tinted, 8mm thick and  toughened, they are being processed as double glazing transparent white inside with air gap reflective tinted on outside, to cut the heat and sound radiation further. Supported on Italian design black powder-coated full length aluminum mullions. The 100% glass-reflective-tinted-and toughened is 5 times stronger than the standard glass

Dow Corning, a leading American brand has provided  Elastomeric Silicon Structural Sealant which will hang/support the largest ever glass structure in India. The glass panel on the façade are 3.21 m tall. This state-of-the-art technology besides giving the building a magnificent aesthetic appearance and environment, will also provides a maintenance-free façade for at least 30 years and prove full energy efficiency.

All materials are already at site and the entire structural glazing should be ready by October '98.

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A central air-conditioning system, energy efficient, intelligent, rugged, maintenance-free, microprocessor based technology and is being supplied by Carrier of USA. They have already delivered two 110 Ton capacity outdoor Flotonic Chillier Plants which are remote monitored, ozone-friendly, environment-friendly, capable of performance reporting and also capable of predicting and preventing equipment failure via early warning and alerts.

The entire commissioning in all respects is to be completed by Carrier by November '98.

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In keeping with the futuristic Hi-Tech office building requirements we have gone in for microprocessor based Central Control Room oriented Building management/ automation system to monitor and process on-line remote controller operation of all services, be it air-conditioning, water supply, standby captive power, elevators, Security control, Fire fighting, TV Camera etc. etc. World leader in building automation Johnson Controls of USA have been entrusted with the job.

All materials have already been imported and already at site and commissioning is to be completed by November' 98.

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Such a prestigious and high-tech, high-priced building necessarily has to be provided with the best available fire protection device not only required for insurance tariff but also to protect and save priceless human resource. Towards this we have selected the state-of-the-art analogue addressable fire detection and alarm system which is capable of precisely locating the exact location of fire and taking automatic fire prevention action. The system is flexible and expandable to accommodate future needs. Johnson Controls has been entrusted to do the job.

All materials have been imported and already in site and commissioning to be completed by November '98.

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For efficient vertical transportation, beside two grand marble decked staircases, two state-of-the-art Elevators decorate the granite entrance lobby. European leader in Elevator Technology supplied imported stainless steel mirror finished car body & doors, energy efficient V3F microprocessor based highspeed elevators integrating advanced technology, passenger comfort & Safety with state-of-the-art design.

All materials are already at site and creation/commissioning will be complete by November '98.

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Looking ahead and to align with international standard of quality building environment we have chosen the best in the world-350KVA Super Sound attenuated, smokeless, soundless, waterproof, outdoor, maintenance free F.G. Wilson Generator, U.K. to provide standby captive power.

This state-of-the-art generator will be in our site by September '98.

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American brand, Armstrong Mineral Fibre Ceiling system, most functional and versatile, has been chosen for this intelligent building capable of intelligently intergrating the fire system, building management system, lighting system and air conditioning system and is tailor made to meet design requirement.

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